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Gradings are an important aspect of any martial arts training. They indicate the student’s proficiency in that art, and allow further learning to take place. They are the tool used to determine taekwondo belt advancement.

A grading assesses one’s technical ability, knowledge, indomitable spirit and physical conditioning. The complexity of tasks increases in accordance with rank advancement. The different coloured belts indicate the student’s current level of achievement.


  • 10th gup White belt / beginner
  • 9th gup Yellow tip
  • 8th gup Yellow belt
  • 7th gup Green tip
  • 6th gup Green belt
  • 5th gup Blue tip
  • 4th gup Blue belt
  • 3rd gup Red tip
  • 2nd gup Red belt
  • 1st gup Black tip
  • 1st Degree – 3rd Degree Boo Sabum (Assistant instructor)